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Course Evaluation, Done Right!

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Easy To Use Workflows

Create, edit and deploy course evaluations and surveys fast. Easy to edit and reuse questions across courses, departments and the whole institution. Gather detailed feedback with ease to drive student success.

Enterprise Ready

LMS integration automatically populates course and faculty data, and provides a seamless user experience for students and faculty. LMS notifications boost response rates to over 95%.

Robust Reporting

Advanced analytics and flexible reporting tools to efficiently analyze feedback data. Visualize survey results with charts and graphs to gain actionable insights.

Save Time and Resources

AI-powered survey creation assistant and feedback sentiment scoring. Intuitive management of 1000’s of evaluations. Automatically import & synchronize all courses & enrollments.

Turnkey LMS Integrations

Our tool provides turn-key integration with the top LMSs, including Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard (including Ultra), D2L Brightspace, and Schoology (PowerSchool). Simply import your initial data, and EvalSystem will handle the rest. Enrollments will be synchronized seamlessly, requiring no additional effort on your part.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Authentication Integrations

Seamless integrations are available with renowned Higher Ed identity providers, including Shibboleth, CAS, LTI, OAuth, and LDAP.

Additionally, we offer tailored integrations with your preferred identity provider to meet your specific requirements.

Easy and Convenient
Take your survey, Anytime, Anywhere On Any Device

With its responsive design accommodating various screen sizes, our accessible online surveys can be conveniently accessed from any device, at any time and from any location.



Up to 3,000 enrollments with full access to all features and functionality

$7,000 USD / Year


Up to 6,000 enrollments with full access to all features and functionality

$10,000 USD / Year


For 6,000+ enrollments, contact our sales team for custom pricing that tailors to your needs and requirements


All our pricing models and plans are coming with full support and access to all features and functionality
  • Transparent and Flexible Pricing: We believe in openness and clarity. No hidden fees or surprises.
  • Feature-rich Plans: Our plans include all features and functionality regardless of your enrollment size
  • Tailored Solutions: Our pricing model is designed to accommodate institutions of all sizes. Let us know your specific requirements.
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Frequently asked questions
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Most common question types such as single, multi, and matrix questions as well as star rating and write-in question types. Question branching is also supported.

Yes, there is. You can import a data file in Excel format or FTP data that can be automated as well. Historical data import is also available.

They can ask their own questions for each survey. it can also be automated

User experience in LMS is seamless, they never leave LMS to take the survey.

Yes, it offers both course evaluation and general survey types.

You can add any language in minutes. It supports any language and culture that AWS offers



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